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The Gayton Children | A Watermelon Mini Session

The sun was setting and the weather was perfect for a mid-September watermelon mini session with these two adorable brother and sister. Isabella couldn’t wait to get her hands on some of the farmers market watermelon we purchased for these sessions and she couldn’t help but give us a thumbs up when we asked how it tasted. “Texas” is still a bit too young to grab the fruit, but he still enjoyed his time with us! Overall a blast of a photo shoot and we hope to continue doing more of these throughout the month.  Now, onto the photos!

GaytonWatermelonMini1 copy

GaytonWatermelonMini2 copy GaytonWatermelonMini3matte copy

GaytonWatermelonMini4matte copy

GaytonWatermelonMini5 copy

GaytonWatermelonMini6 copy

GaytonWatermelonMini7matte copy

GaytonWatermelonMini8 copy

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